The Trade Fair

Dijken & Rivieren 2020 is the first international and comprehensive trade fair for the hydraulic engineering sector in the area of dikes and rivers. The companies in this sector are engaged in, among other things, land reclamation, dredging, flood protection, constructive hydraulic engineering, port development and regional development. But also with the maintenance of wet and dry infrastructure and the renovation and improvements of dikes, bridges, canals, lakes, rivers, sluices and ports.

The consequences of climate change

Every day we see the effects of climate change in the media. More and heavy rainfall, longer periods of drought and greater risk of flooding. In the Netherlands alone, we have more than ten thousand kilometres of waterways and every year millions of euros are spent on maintenance and renewal of our waterboard. According to the Rijkswaterstaat 1100 kilometres of dikes, dams, dunes, locks and pumping stations must be adapted before 2028. 

International conversation partners

The trade fair Dijken & Rivieren 2020 offers you interesting international discussion partners that otherwise would be unable or difficult to reach. Due to the short lines and positive atmosphere, plenty of opportunities present themselves at this event. At the trade fair you can speak with passionate and like-minded colleagues about solutions and if possible come to an international cooperation. This creates new and strengthens existing tires.

The Netherlands, showroom of hydraulic engineering

The Dutch hydraulic engineering is globally leading. Whether it concerns the dredging of waterways and ports, the reclamation of islands or the protection of deltas against the rising water. There is room for all aspects of this national pride at the trade fair Dijken & Rivieren 2020. 

It is the ambition of the organization that the trade fair Dijken & Rivieren will become one of the leading trade fairs in the national and international hydraulic engineering sector.