The Trade Fair

Dijken & Rivieren 2022 is the first international and comprehensive trade fair for the hydraulic engineering industry. The companies in this industry are engaged in, among other things, land reclamation, dredging, flood protection, constructive hydraulic engineering, port development and regional development. But they also work on the maintenance of wet and dry infrastructure and the renovation and improvements of dikes, bridges, canals, lakes, rivers, sluices and ports.

The effects of climate change

More and more these days we see the effects of climate change. More and heavy rainfall, longer periods of drought and greater risks of flooding. There is a special Deltaprogram in the Netherlands that already takes account of the quick rising sea level. According to Rijkswaterstaat, in the Netherlands alone, 1100 kilometers of dikes, dams and dunes need to be renewed before 2028. Dijken & Rivieren will pay a lot of attention to these matters.

Help during natural disasters

At Dijken & Rivieren much attention is paid to the future, new developments and the importance of hydraulic engineering. This also includes the contribution to reconstruction as a result of natural disasters. Think of hurricanes or floodings where various Dutch dredging companies offer their help. This was also the case after hurricane Katrina in 2005, when Dutch dredging company Boskalis helped with the reconstruction of the affected areas.

The Netherlands, showroom of hydraulic engineering

The Dutch hydraulic engineering is globally leading. Whether it is about the dredging of waterways and ports, the reclamation of islands or the protection of deltas against the rising water. Our national pride of alle these aspects will be presented during Dijken & Rivieren 2022.

It is the aspiration of the organization that Dijken & Rivieren will become one of the leading trade fairs in the national and international hydraulic engineering sector.