Update about the coronavirus and Dijken & Rivieren.

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The trade fair Dijken & Rivieren 2021

In which Dutch Water Management can share their knowledge with other countries

1-2-3 September 2021
Jaarbeurs Utrecht

1, 2 and 3 September 2021 is the date. Jaarbeurs Utrecht will open its doors for the first international event and congress Dijken & Rivieren 2021.

The Jaarbeurs Utrecht will open their doors for hundreds of companies and organizations working in the hydraulic engineering sector that want to share their knowdledge internationally. These companies and organizations are working on, among other things, reinforcing dikes to prevent flooding; a very current topic for both the Netherlands and many other countries.

This special trade fair will be set up in a big way to emphasize the importance of this industry, because the Netherlands would have looked very different without the existence of these professionals. For both the visitors and the exhibitors at this trade fair, it will be an interesting trade show that you should not miss. 

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Dijken & Rivieren is specially for companies in the technical and construction branch concerning everything related to water management like dikes and bridges. There are numerous passionate and prominent companies who are able to present themselves during this trade show. This two-day event will give you the opportunity to invite your customers and enlarge your network.

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Take part in our event as a visitor! Dijken en Rivieren is interesting to visit when you want to stay up to date with the latest developments in water management. There will be all kinds of readings, workshops and conventions you can take part in. You will be able to make contact with all the different companies who are striving to enlarge their network. After this innovative two-day event you will definitely have some new ideas and established connections.

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